Brighten Your Bible: Hosea


An incredible picture of my daily rebellion against God.

Can you imagine being that man? Being told by God, “Hey go marry a prostitute. Oh, and by the way, she’ll become a whore again several times after you get married. But do it. Because my people need this physical representation to knock some sense into them.”

Reading this book is almost like watching a really sad chick flick where the popular girl rejects the sweet nerdy guy. Except that we are not popular. And God gave us, you know, the entire world. So he’s not desperate.

I know I know–but it’s the best analogy I could come up with because HE’S GOD. No human romance really fits this story perfectly.

But although God may not line up perfectly with the analogy, our bratty, prideful, inconsiderate selves certainly do.

You can look through my scribbles and doodles down below (see this post for info on my method), but I want to point out one thing to you from chapter 3:

“Then the Lord said to me, ‘Go again, love a woman who is loved by a lover and is committing adultery, just like the love of the Lord for the children of Israel, who look to other gods and love the raisin cakes of the pagans.’ So I bought her for myself for fifteen shekels of silver, and one and one-half homers of barley…” Hosea 3:1-2

Now get this: Hosea had to pay for something he already had.

Sound familiar? God, who doesn’t just own us, but who sustains us with His very breath, had to buy us again for the very highest price. Worst business deal in history.

I encourage you to at least do a quick read through this book. It’s becoming one of my favorites. 🙂 I also highly recommend watching this quick 7-minute sermon.




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