Brighten Your Bible Study

At the beginning of the summer, I found myself looking for a way to combine Bible journaling with intense Bible study.

Well, I found it! Jordan Lee’s Brighten Your Bible Study. I could explain it to you, but she does such a good job that you might as well read her own words:

Next, you might want to do a quick Instagram search of #brightenyourbiblestudy

Go ahead. I’ll wait. 🙂

Ok, so now you know what it is and you may even be inspired! Anyway, this is what I’ve started doing and I absolutely love it!

So when you see “Brighten Your Bible” in the title of a blog post, this is the general method I used! I hope you enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Brighten Your Bible Study

  1. Jeanna says:

    You certainly ‘brightened ‘ my day! I follow your Mother via e mail and so happy that I hopped over to your site! Truly , you have been Blessed with many gifts and great faith. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent . Many Blessings to you.


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